Our Favorite Dental GIF’s!


There are millions of GIF’s online, mostly via Tumblr. For those of you who are unfamiliar with GIFS, here is a definition for you: GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format  which is basically a type of file that is a small looping and repetitive video that is stored and linked to as a photo. If that sounds complicated and confusing then take a look at some of our favorite Dental GIF’s below.

This one is fun because this boy has a brilliant method for ensuring that he brushes his teeth for the full two minutes-just dance!


How we think we look when brushing our teeth:


How we really look when we brush our teeth:


Colgate toothpaste will give you a healthy smile and make you as enthusiastic as this young man!


We couldn’t help but admire how Bruno Mar’s is rocking out while brushing those teeth!


This seems like an efficient way to brush your children’s teeth…


So, those are just a few of the millions of GIF’s on Tumblr.com. If you ever want to make your own GIF then just head on over to a GIF generating website and you can relive virtually any moment you like! Also, if you have a favorite dental GIF then leave it as a comment below for this post and we’ll check it out!

Happy GIF making!


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