Four years ago I got a toothache. I went to the dentist and she told me that the x-ray showed nothing, and that I had a piece of almond stuck in my tooth. So she fiddled around, and wiggled something out. Two months later, I went in and said "Hey, this tooth feels weird". Wanting to avoid a root canal and get a filling became a process. She then put me on antibiotics and told me it was my sinuses. So, two months later, after two rounds of antibiotics and all the accompanying side effects, I made another appointment, she did another x-ray, and she said it wasn't my sinuses or my teeth. For another six months I walked around in this weird pain. Thoroughly disgusted, I opted to see another dentist in her practice, an endodontist. He took an x-ray, saw a badly infected root canal, and did the root canal, sent me home with antibiotics, and said come in on such and such a date and we'll finish the root canal. He sent me back to dentist 1, and when she tried to work on the tooth, I went through the roof. So she sent me back to dentist 2, who called Dentist 1, an idiot to my face. He apologized, re opened the tooth, cleaned it, and this went on for another YEAR! He asked me to switch regular dentists within the practice and so I did. This dentist actually told me I had a cavity in a crown, and tried to drill through it. So......I lost the faith. Meanwhile I was going through a divorce, and one of my kids moved out. Call me thoroughly disgusted. I lost my faith in the human race.

Trapped, and scared, I started searching dentistry articles, and looking at testimonials about dentists in the WNY area. My mom gave me an old newspaper article about this guy in West Seneca who had patients flying in from England just to be treated. I was intrigued, and then so tired of being in pain, that I called. Painless dentistry??????????? What is that? Are you kidding, my last shot of Novocain was so painful I had nightmares about it, and my mouth hurt for weeks. I came from a school of thought that there is no such thing as painless dentistry. After all we're adults, let’s not fool ourselves.

Thus began my tenure with Dr. Krutchick and his staff. It has taken Dr. Krutchick two very long patient years, along with his staff, to convince me it was okay to get a shot of Novocain, that it wouldn't hurt, and that he'd make sure I was taken care of. I cancelled appointment after appointment; I drove his office manager into gray hair. The fear far out weighed the benefit. I’m sure it’s like that for most people. But I seriously injured myself as a result. By the time I went back in I needed surgery on the tooth. So, I did it. I had the surgery. I trusted him. And he didn't let me down. For anyone that has had an apicoectomy, it’s not an easy thing to sit through. Dr. Krutchick works with experts in the field, so if it is not his expertise that is required, be assured you will go to someone whose dentistry is also beyond reproach.

Two years later, last Friday, Dr. Krutchick closed the tooth and crowned it. A chapter of my life is over. I have faith in dentistry. More importantly I have faith in Dr. Krutchick, Sunny, Donna and Brenda. They never stopped caring, and understood the fear. What a group of people, friendly, affable, knowledgeable, kind and caring individuals who make up one of the best dental teams out there. I missed an appointment, because I got the day mixed up, and rather than run away, I called and explained what happened. You know what? Sunny held my hand on that phone, and told me it would all be okay. She didn't have to do that. She could have hung up on me. Instead she chose to help me, and understand that life doesn't always treat each one of us equitably, or kindly, so we remade the appointment. My dentist is a great guy, he's so gentle! I fall asleep in the chair, how outrageous a difference that is. I no longer have to go in sedated. His dental assistant, Donna, is probably one of the most professional people I've come across. She's got the right amount of caring, and she emanates that feeling in abundance. She's a seasoned professional who works side by side with one of the best. Then there's that beautiful lady with the big smile who sits at the desk, Brenda. What’s not to like? There under one roof, you'll find exactly what you need, from insurance needs and questions to painless quality dental care.

Remember: Dentistry is about you, being comfortable and understanding that dental health is a significant part of your health. You need to heed that. More importantly how to go about finding a dentist that also places that same value on you as well. Modern dentistry is painless. If you educate yourself you will find out why. If you find that it is not, you're with the wrong person. I encourage you to understand this lengthy testimony. I want to help people such as you, who are trapped in fear, and forced to walk around in constant pain while doing serious damage to their bodies. I'll hold your hand, and walk you straight into Dr. Krutchicks office. I’m a convert, but I was a hard sell.

Here's the best part: my mouth feels great. I can chew again, wow. What a concept. I am also on a very long term dental plan to correct some serious damage in my teeth. When I am done, I’m going to smile. I am going to have a big, round warm, full toothed grin on my face to match the warm smile I have in my heart. I made the right decision, chose the right person. And he showed me how to do the right thing.

Janet J.                                                                                                                                                       

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