Buffalo Affordable Dental Implants

Once a tooth is gone from the mouth the body begins to slowly break down the tooth’s remaining bone and reabsorbs it into the body. Since there is no tooth there to utilize the bone, your body thinks you no longer need it. The more teeth you are missing, the more bone your body dissolves. And after 10 to 20 years of having no teeth, your jawbone shrinks and you will eventually experience facial collapse.

The best solution to help prevent both jawbone shrinkage and facial collapse is dental implants. A titanium root form is surgically implanted into the jaw, and after a healing period, a crown, or false tooth, is attached to the root form. Because the dental implant is anchored to the bone and actually functions like a real tooth, dental implants are as close as you can get to having back your natural teeth. However, dental implantation is also the most expensive tooth replacement method you can choose.


Affordable Dental Implants Options

compare the affordable mini implant with the standard size implant Buffalo dentist Dr. Warren Krutchick has some great affordable dental implant options to choose from. Mini Implants and Snap-on dentures are two of them.

Mini implants were created about 20 years ago in order to make the implantation process easier and less expensive. Mini implants cost about half the price of standard implants. Because they are smaller in diameter and there is no need for surgical flap, mini implants are easier to place during surgery. The drawback to this smaller diameter is that your dentures might feel less secure than they would if anchored to the standard size. The advantage is mini implants will still feel sturdier than a set of completely removable dentures.   

Snap-on dentures

Costs can accrue quickly when you have to replace more than one tooth. You are paying per implant. Snap-on dentures can lock into place using only two standard size implants. Because you only have to use two instead of the usual four to eight, implantation becomes more affordable. Your dentures will still be stabilized in your mouth, preventing them from slipping or falling out.

Cost versus Best Choice

We understand that staying on budget is a reasonable concern, but Dr. Krutchick will never recommend anything based on costs alone. Your own health and medical history need to be taken into account. We’ll take three-dimensional CT scans as well as do a full diagnostic review of your bone structure and nerves. This will all make sure you are a viable candidate for implants so they can be placed properly.

Dr. Krutchick is certified to do mini-implants. He was the president of the Implant Study Club and has extensive continuing education to keep current with advances in implantology.

If you are interested in affordable, high-quality dental implants, contact our office atto schedule an appointment for an exam, or complete the online form to request a complimentary consultation.

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