Beautiful Smile Guarantee

Getting a beautiful, confident smile is an important investment. You would never want to invest lots of money on a new smile makeover that doesn’t look much different from the original or even worse than the original – and then be stuck with it too, right? That will never happen here. Dr. Krutchick guarantees it. 

Dr. Krutchick is a cosmetic dentist. This means he has the skills of a technician and the creative vision of an artist, and creating a beautiful smile takes true artistry. Not everyone can wear the same smile. Dr. Krutchick knows that just because one smile worked for one person, doesn’t mean it will definitely work for you. He takes into account your facial shape and what you want people to see when they look at your smile. And when the makeover is done, he stands behind his work. He’s so sure you’ll love his work that he provides you with a beautiful smile guarantee: he won’t put them in unless you love them.

How the Smile Guarantee Works

Dr. Krutchick begins the smile makeover process by showing you a smile catalog. The smile catalog is a book of photographs showcasing many different types of smile designs. You browse through the book and pick the smile design you like, or you can simply use the book to draw inspiration from. Once you and Dr. Krutchick have figured out your design, he will use the Snap Smile imaging system to create a preview for you. This system uses a photograph of you and combines it with an image of your desired smile design to produce a computer simulated image of what you would look like with your new smile.

From there, Dr. Krutchick will have his lab create a wax-up model of your design, which he will give you to look over. If you feel the wax-up is an accurate depiction of what you wanted your new smile to look like, Dr. Krutchick will have a temporary, or provisional smile makeover, made for you. When the provisional smile is ready, Dr. Krutchick places it over your teeth so that you are actually wearing the new smile. At this time you can observe the color and shape of the teeth and make note of anything you’d like changed or fixed. He will do this until your provisional meets your approval.

Your permanent teeth will be modeled after the provisional smile. And while the permanent teeth design is being created in the lab, you will get to wear your provisional smile makeover. When your permanent teeth are ready, you will have the try-on phase. Dr. Krutchick uses a gentle try-in paste that holds the permanent smile design to your mouth just well enough that you can get a really good look at them on you in the mirror. If you love them, only then will your new teeth be permanently bonded on.

Although extremely unlikely, there are times when, even after many revisions and notes, the permanent teeth just aren’t right. If this happens, your teeth will be sent back to the lab and redone until you absolutely approve. Remember, Dr. Krutchick won’t put them in unless you love them. The final result will be a dramatically new smile.

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