Buffalo Cater to Cowards Dentist

If you fear the dentist, you are not alone. Many people miss or cancel their scheduled appointments as a result of dental anxiety. Or, some don’t bother to schedule an appointment at all. But think about this: Missing appointments can be dangerous because a routine check-up can spot small problems before they worsen. A small problem left untreated can lead to more serious complications, costing you a lot of money and causing you a lot of pain. That’s why it’s important to Dr. Krutchick that you feel good about coming to see him. He understands fearful patients. In fact, he makes a business out of being a Buffalo “cater to cowards” dentist.

The Cater-to-Cowards Approach

Dr. Krutchick is a sedation dentist. This means he specializes in taking the anxiety out of your dental appointments. He feels it’s his job to make sure you have a pain-free, anxiety-free experience while you get the dental care that you need. He listens to what makes you fearful about seeing the dentist then makes certain the he and his staff do whatever’s best to take those stressors away.

Sometimes just the act of sitting in the waiting room only can build up those anxious feelings. We don’t make you wait. When it’s your appointment time, we take you straight back for treatment. During your treatment, you have various options to help distract you from the procedure, such as television, music, and the use of noise-cancelling headphones.  

If you require something more to help calm your nerves, we can give you a small pill – taken an hour before your appointment – that will make you drowsy by the time you arrive to our office. You’re vitals are then monitored throughout your procedure as we assess your anxiety level. We will make sure you are always comfortable and are given breaks, if you need one. But mostly, you will be in a deeply relaxed state – although fully conscious. And you will likely not remember your treatment at all.

If you need a dentist who caters to cowards, please call us at or you can schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Krutchick in person.

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