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natural-looking dentures at Buffalo dentistWhen you think of dentures you may picture a set of big, clunky false teeth. But they don’t have to look fake at all. Buffalo cosmetic dentist Dr. Krutchick knows how to make your dentures beautiful and natural-looking, so natural that people won’t even be able to tell your dentures aren’t your real teeth. 


How to Get Natural-Looking Dentures

The materials used to create denture teeth are an important factor. A popular material for teeth is acrylic because it’s easy to work with and it’s inexpensive. The problem with acrylic, however, is that it doesn’t mimic the translucency and variations of color found in real teeth. Also, it isn't very stain resistant or durable. Dr. Krutchick uses premium Ivoclar teeth. They not only look beautiful and natural but they are extremely stain resistant and durable.

The material used for the denture base is also important. Less expensive materials will distort some during processing, which compromises the fit. Dr. Krutchick doesn't use any of these cheaper materials.

There is an artistic element in creating a beautiful set of dentures, so it's important that you know about Dr. Krutchick's artistic side. In dental school, dentists are taught to purposely make dentures a little bit on the ugly side so that no one would think they are fake. Dr. Krutchick doesn't subscribe to that philosophy. He will show you that it is possible, using quality teeth and materials, to have dentures that look both beautiful and natural. He will give you the smile you've always wanted. And just to be sure you get what you want, he'll have a try-in appointment where you can try in your teeth, set in a pink wax that mimics the final denture base, so that you can see exactly how they will look before they're processed.

If you're worried about dentures slipping or not feeling very secure, you may be interested in seeing what dental implants could do for you. For information about that, please see our implant dentures page.

If you have questions, we'll be happy to see you in a complimentary consultation. Give us a call at or use our online form to request an appointment.


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