Buffalo Emergency Dentist

Dr. Warren Krutchick is your Buffalo emergency dentist. If you have pain in your teeth or have injured your mouth, just call and we will see you today. Even if you've never been a patient before. In most cases, seeing us now can help prevent your problem from getting worse like leading to a serious infection. So don’t put off getting the help that you need. Dr. Krutchick has seen it all and can help.

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Why You Might Need Our Buffalo Emergency Dentist Office

There are many reasons why we may find ourselves needing an emergency dentist. Most likely, we just haven’t made ourselves top priority. Some of us have skipped so many appointments that we're now too ashamed to go because it's been so long. Others of us have had bad experiences at the dentist and just don’t want to bother trying it again. Whatever your issues are, don’t worry about them now. Dr. Krutchick can help you move forward from here. Because of his extensive training and skills as a sedation and cosmetic dentist, he can treat most urgent issues immediately and can make you feel comfortable and pain-free while doing so.

Types of Dental Emergencies

A toothache is the most common dental emergency. It not only needs immediate attention to relieve the pain, but it could be a sign of a more serious problem. Toothaches usually result from infections caused by decay. If the infection is severe enough, it will destroy the pulp tissue inside your tooth. When the pulp is destroyed, you'll need a to have a root canal. A root canal would prevent the infection from spreading into the surrounding bone of the tooth and turning into an abscess.

A toothache can also result from a cracked tooth. And if the crack spreads down into the root of your tooth, you could end up losing the tooth. If you have a toothache or a cracked tooth, you need to see Dr. Krutchick as soon as possible. Dr. Krutchick can help alleviate your pain and discuss with you your best course of action.

A Pain-free Solution

Dr. Krutchick has studied the art of sedation dentistry and is therefore qualified to help you manage pain and anxiety during your emergency dental treatment. To help you feel more relaxed, we offer oral sedatives and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). In most cases, patients who use even a small amount of nitrous oxide feel no sensations during their procedure and are in a state of relaxation throughout. And the effects of nitrous oxide wear off immediately. This means you can actually drive yourself home as soon as your appointment is over.

If you are worried about your emergency appointment, we offer sedation dentistry help. This is where you can read more about sedation dentistry.


We Can Help

At Warren M. Krutchick, DDS, we make emergency dentistry a priority. That's why we can see you today. We don’t judge why you need our emergency services, we just care that you do. It’s our responsibility is to get you healthier and on the path to a good dental lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about emergency dentristy, call us at or you can schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Krutchick in person.

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