What Can I Expect My First Visit

Many of us have experienced feeling like we were being hurried through a dental appointment, only to see the dentist for a few minutes at the end. Dr. Krutchick doesn’t believe in the assembly line method. He won’t rush you through. He is patient, he actively listens to you, and he makes sure there is ample time for your dental visit.

Because this will be your first visit, we'll schedule your exam for an hour to an hour and a half. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by Kelly and the rest of our friendly team at the front desk. From there you'll be taken to an exam room where we will discuss your dental history. We'll get x-rays and photos. We’ll do a cancer screening. Then Dr. Krutchick will give you a thorough exam, which includes examining your jaw and bite and how they work together when you chew. After, he'll give you the opportunity to discuss with him your concerns and give him your input. You will not have a cleaning on your first visit because the type of cleaning you need will vary depending upon the condition of your gums.

Before you leave you will know the planned course for your individualized treatment—you might have specific dental problems that need our attention first before we proceed with the cleaning. Then, one of our front desk team members will schedule your next appointment.

What If I Am A Fearful Patient?

Unlike some dentists, Dr. Krutchick enjoys seeing fearful patients. He takes great pride in helping his patients feel good about having dental treatment done. In fact, if he can get you to say you actually enjoyed your appointment at the end, he feels a greater level of satisfaction. If you'd like to learn how Dr. Krutchick can help you with dental anxiety, please click the link to our sedation dentistry page.

If you would like to schedule your comprehensive exam, please call us at or click here to request your appointment.

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