Buffalo Implant Dentures

Are you missing all your teeth? Dentures are a good option to replace missing teeth. But completely removable dentures have their drawbacks.

Dentures rest on movable tissue. Upper dentures are held in place by suction to the roof of your mouth. Lowers are kept in place by your tongue and cheeks. Because the tissue they rest on is movable, there is no way they can be as fixed or stable as your own natural teeth. Because of this, your denture may slip out of place while eating or talking with friends. And, as time goes on, your jawbone will shrink and it will get more and more difficult to keep your dentures in place.

Also, because of the need for suction, your upper denture has to completely cover your hard palate. This can spoil your taste and enjoyment of food.

A way to resolve this is to have your dentures secured to your mouth. Dentures supported by implants make it so that your teeth are fixed in place and will not slip or fall out. With these types of dentures, the palate doesn’t even need to be covered.

Another major plus of implant-supported dentures is the prevention of bone resorption. When teeth are missing from the mouth, the body reacts by slowly breaking down the jaw’s remaining bone that it thinks it no longer needs. After 10 or 20 years, your jawbone will be so completely resorbed that you will have a condition called facial collapse. Having a dental implant stimulates your body to retain the bone and prevent resorption.


What are Implant Dentures?

illustration of ball-shaped snap fixture that could be used at the Buffalo dentist office of Warren M. KrutchickImplant dentures or overdentures are dentures that are made to fit over dental implants. The simplest and least expensive kind of overdenture is secured to your mouth by two ball-shaped snap fixtures surgically implanted into your mouth (pictured right). The denture snaps into place in your mouth and is therefore stabilized, enabling you to speak and chew without the denture slipping out of place. This also helps you avoid getting sore spots in your mouth that can occur from repeated denture slippage.

For greater stability and comfort, Dr. Krutchick can retain the overdenture with four or six implants. The denture can then be screwed in place so that there will be no movement at all.


So if you're fearful of your dentures slipping out while you’re talking or eating, implant dentures might be an option for you. No matter what option you choose, Dr. Krutchick will make certain the result is a beautiful smile. If you’d like to see for yourself some samples of his stunning smile work, please click on the link to browse through his smile gallery. Or read about how happy his patients are here on the testimonial page.


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