Buffalo Mercury-free Dentist

Developed in the 1840s, silver fillings were used by dentists to fill in holes in the teeth left by cavities. Silver fillings were actually a combination of silver and mercury ground into a paste, and contained more mercury than silver. That's why sometimes silver fillings are referred to as amalgam. Amalgam fillings are resistant to wear and tear, and they last a very long time.

For years silver fillings were the standard material used for fillings. In the 1980s new technological advances saw the advent of white composite filling materials. Now, composite fillings are just as wear-resistant and long lasting as amalgam. They can easily handle the stress of functioning in the back teeth. 

Mercury-free Dentist

Dr. Krutchick is a mercury-free Buffalo dentist. He understands that people have concerns about putting materials made with mercury inside their bodies. Because he doesn't shy away from new advances in technology as some other dentists do, he can offer options. He can also pass the advantages onto his patients.

Advantages of Mercury-Free Composite Fillings

  • They bond directly to the tooth, restoring most of the tooth's original strength.
  • They require less of the tooth to be removed in order to fill a cavity
  • There is less sensitivity to hot and cold than with amalgam fillings
  • They look like the color of natural teeth, (see photos below) making them practically indistinguishable from your tooth as compared to silver fillings
  • sample of patient with silver fillings. sample of composite fillings used at the buffalo dentist office


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