Dr K & Team,

While at Wegmans today, I bought a bunch of broccoli and some french onion dip. I haven't eaten that in about 2 years - it's too hard raw. Anyway, I figured I'd give it a shot.

I did it! Me and my teeth did it. Crunch, ... crunch, no problem. OK, so some stuff wound up under the denture, and it's still a little odd trying to use my tongue to direct chewed food down the throat, but the ability to smash that stuff into bits with what has become my own teeth was great. I haven't been able to enjoy raw veggies like that in a long time.

So for all those times you fixed people up and don't hear from again - I guess i'll try to even the score a little. And I have to stop by Dr. Boyczuk's office and give him a smile too.

See you soon.

Rick F.

Hi Brenda,

I want to thank you for your kindness and support. You helped me get through a very difficult hurdle, one that I thought that I could not do. You are very special to me. I love you and I love Sunny and Dr. K. I have never been treated so kindly at an office. You all deserve an award. What you do for people is remarkable. You give them hope and courage, and make them feel not so alone. You help them conquer their fears by walking them through step by step. Never once have you judged or used harsh words. I could make a billboard saying how wonderful you all are. No one ever made me feel like less of a person because of the condition of my teeth but treated me with care and kindness. Dr. K. has a way with people that most dentists do not have. He has a special caring for people that sets him apart from everyone else out there. Pam thinks you are wonderful, but I already know that.  I remember you saying we can help you and no other office ever said that. First impressions mean so much and the first impression of your office was like walking into an old friend’s home. I brag to everybody that says anything about a dentist how great your office is. You could charge me a million dollars and I would not go anywhere else!!! You all care for the person as a whole, not just the teeth. It is not just a job to any of you but a passion to help someone.  It takes very special people to do what you do.

Hopefully I can keep all my other teeth and finally have a straight smile with veneers.  After 36 years of being self conscious about my teeth I will be able to smile without feeling that way. I take that picture everywhere with me (my before and after smile profile) and even showed my bbq teammates.  They are lucky I did not put it next to our team name!!!!!!!

Please thank Dr. K. for me for his support and encouragement through all of this. More ribs to come since we love smoking in the fall. Brenda you are a wonderful person. You are like my angel. Without you I would have not had the courage to do this.

Thanks to all of you for everything. You are the greatest!!  

Marcy K.

Dear Dr. Krutchick & Team,

Dr. Krutchick, you have the greatest team working with you. One is rarely happy going to the dentist. This is not the case in your place. It’s so cozy and warm and your staff is second to none. I just love them all. My hygienist Sue is a real, great warm professional. At no time have I ever had pain or discomfort. She is a wonderful young lady. (This aging mouth is not an easy job) I always walk out happy and content. A very special thank you to all, you are all wonderful.

By the way Dr. Krutchick, John and I heard you on the radio. Cool, calm, a real pro.

Georgette Z.

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