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Lauren before full Lauren after full
Before After
Lauren before small Lauren after
Lauren was unhappy with her smile. Her front teeth had dark and white spots. We started by doing Zoom whitening to get all the teeth a color she would love. When that was completed, we placed porcelain veneers on the four front teeth to deal with the discoloration.


Deb Before face Deb after face
Before After
Deb before close Deb after close
Deb is a new patient to our practice. She has a family wedding coming up and requested tooth whitening along with closure of a diastema. We began with the whitening, using Zoom. When that was completed we used bonding to close the diastema. She is thrilled with the results.


Donna before full face Donna after full
Before After
Donna before close Donna after close
Donna got porcelain veneers


Before porcelain veneers After porcelain veneers
Before After
Frederica got porcelain veneers.


Sue Before Sue After
Before After
Sue got upper and lower porcelain veneers.


Melissa before full Melissa after full
Before After
Melissa before small Melissa after
Melissa was very unhappy with her smile, she did not like the color, the crowding and the missing teeth. We used a combination of veneers and crowns to straighten her teeth, supply the missing tooth and to dramatically change the color of her teeth. Her whole persona changed, She says she loves her smile and is a much happier person today.


Michellea's before photo Michellea's after photo'
Before After


VC's before photo VC's after photo
Before After


DA's before photo DA's after photo
Before After
DA's before closeup photo DA's after closeup photo

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