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 A Journey To “Smile” About!

I’ll never forget my 1st phone call to Dr. Krutchick’s office. I thought that all I was looking for was a second opinion on my dental issues but once I started explaining them to this kind stranger at the other end of the line, I found myself venting and detailing every single dental misery I’d gone through in the last year. I truly expected to hear the click of a hang up when I actually broke down and started sobbing like a blubbering idiot. I had gone through a horrific dental experience and hadn’t even realized how it had affected me emotionally until someone had actually taken the time to listen. How lucky was I that Brenda answered that phone! Not only did she listen, she uttered the words I truly needed to hear, “Come on in. I know we can help you."

And so began my life altering adventure with Dr. Krutchick's office and his incredible staff. Okay, 1st of all (and this may sound lame) but walking into that office is like stepping into a warm ray of sunshine. From day one, every member of that staff has made me feel comfortable and relaxed in an environment I once feared being in. My dental woes have been resolved one by one with little or no discomfort. Every procedure - before, during, and after - was explained to the fullest and my input was greatly encouraged and seriously considered.  Initially, I had that sense of "this is to good to be true" - don't any of these people EVER have a bad day? But I soon found out that each of those girls LOVE what they do for a living and that's gotta be what brings out the best in them as they perform their jobs. Add to that mix, a leader who is not only an expert (maybe part magician) at what he does, and you've got an award winning  staff. Kudos to you, Dr. K!

In this era where computers, automation and personnel cut backs has taken it’s toll on good ole fashion customer service, it’s refreshing to have found a place that’s makes you feel you’re their one and only priority while you’re in their care.

Oh, and did I forget to mention they do phenomenal work, too? I’ve got a priceless and winning smile to prove it!! (That was the life altering part!)

Thank you, Dr. K and staff – You’re the best!

Myrna G.

Prior to seeing Dr. Warren Krutchick, I had visited a dentist over 1 year ago. Fear was the main reason I avoided dental care. I dreaded dental work.

Previously I had experienced years of painful dental work that built up enough anxiety for me that I either avoided proper care or would force myself to go, only to panic in the chair. With Dr. Krutchick and his team, I was able to undergo a root canal in total peace and comfort. I was skeptical of the "to-good-to-be-true" sounding promises at first. But now I am a happy patient who would look forward to Dr. Krutchick giving me any dental care I needed.

Thanks Doc!

Chris B.

Sedation/Anxiety Free Cosmetic Dentistry has had a profound impact on my life. Prior to seeing you and your team, I had last visited a dentist on a regular basis back in the 1970’s.

I would only visit a dentist when a problem arose and needed immediate care. The pain of the problem overcame the fear and anxiety of the visit. No longer do I have fear and anxiety. I also experience no pain during visits to your office.

I would like to thank you and your team for bringing me back to regular visits to promote the proper dental care so important for good health.

Matthew K.

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