Buffalo TMJ Dentist

The pain associated with TMJ disorder is real and can be excruciating. Some TMJ sufferers can experience muscle spasms, limited range of motion in the mouth, clicking noises in the jaw joints, and/or severe headaches. Dr. Krutchick can help you get relief from your pain and give you a healthy bite. A healthy bite creates a beautiful, lasting smile. 

Definition of a TMJ Dentist.

You can’t really call someone a TMJ dentist because TMJ is not a recognized specialty. However, there are some dentists who truly understand TMJ and are successful at treating this disorder, and Dr. Krutchick is one of them. To be successful at treating TMJ you need a dentist who extends his/her training beyond dental school to learn about occlusion. Dr. Krutchick did this training at The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Krutchick has also been helping his patients find relief from the pain of TMJ disorder for more than 30 years.

What is TMJ?

The term TMJ means temporomandibular joint, and the disorder can be quite complex. The joint has a hinge motion as well as a sliding motion. It's the only joint in the body with this level of complexity. The disorder can arise from complications of the joint or from the muscles. 

Diagnosis and Treatment  

Dr. Krutchick diagnoses your TMJ disorder with a detailed medical history and thorough dental exam. He will study your chewing habits, the condition of your chewing muscles, check for any joint deterioration, and other factors. Sometimes the answers are simple, but sometimes they are complicated.

Sometimes, all you need to solve your TMJ disorder is a simple appliance. Dr. Krutchick uses the NTI appliance. The NTI appliance is a small, clear plastic device that you secure over your front teeth before bedtime. Each NTI appliance is custom fit to your teeth. The purpose is to help you stop clenching your teeth during the night. After a few weeks, even days, many of your TMJ symptoms will dissipate. Sometimes, this will be all you need. In other cases, more treatment will be needed to reconstruct your bite.

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